Redwood Coast Film


This is the website of photographer and camera operator Alan Peterson
I live in Humboldt County, home to some of the country's most beautiful and expansive wild areas. It's a fantastic place to film and photograph wildlife and scenery, and I take every opportunity to capture the region's natural wonders on camera. A native of Oakland, California, I studied film and animation at California College of the Arts. Since then, I've produced animated shorts for IFC and UthTV, filmed for the BBC, produced commercials for StudioNow and CGI Inc, was an animator and editor for For the Birds Productions, and have been a camera operator, DP and one-man-band producer for countless independent commercial, narrative and documentary productions. When I'm not working for a client, I'm focusing my efforts on producing a documentary series about the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary and exploring the wilderness with a camera. Keep up to date with my explorations of the redwood coast at Redwood Planet.