Redwood Coast Film

We offer videography and photography services as well as camera rental packages in one of the most scenic and inspiring places on earth. Whether you're filming a narrative, a commercial or capturing the impressive wildlife and offbeat culture of Northern California, we can provide high end cameras and operators for your production.

Summer 2015 Updates: Redwood Coast Film is now offering royalty-free stock footage. A selection of raptors, Roosevelt elk, waterfowl and sea birds are currently available to browse and license and more will be added in the near future. We have a large selection of dynamic 4K and 5K RAW clips that aren't offered anywhere else, so check out our footage page to see what we have to offer.

The photography page has been updated with new photos from recent months, and I'm working on integrating the print-buying process into the Square merchant account services. In the mean time, those interested in licensing photos or buying prints can arrange to do so via email.

Work continues on the Arcata Marsh series with a follow-up on Into the Wind, this time focusing on the egrets, bitterns and herons. In addition to filming these birds at the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, this project has involved several trips up and down Northern California to get a close up view of them growing up in their rookeries. While a good chunk of this footage will go into the film, there will be plenty of leftover beautiful footage to license out to anyone who's interested. It will take time to sort out which clips will make it to the stock footage section, so please inquire if you're looking for clips of Great Egrets or Snowy Egrets.

To arrange for video/photography services, rent equipment or license footage, contact Alan Peterson at